About Your Mission

Welcome to Minion Madness!

Despicable Me is coming to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Download on December 14! To celebrate, we're awarding fantastic prizes to the world's greatest MasterMinds, including YOU!

Fantastic Prizes

Create your army of Minions and you could win these great prizes just in time for the holidays!

Growing Your Army of Minions

Becoming a MasterMind has never been easier and more fun!

  1. Create your MasterMind profile HERE.
    1. If you are under 13, you will need your parent or guardian's permission.
  2. Earn Minions by Having Fun: Play games, watch clips, create and share your Minion masterpieces, rate other artwork and more! Each action completed earns you more Minions and more chances to WIN!
  3. More Missions: Return to the site each day or go to "How to Earn Minions" for other fun ways to grow your army!

How to Earn Minions

There are many ways to entice more Minions to join your nefarious cause. Earn Minions by being creative, playing games, sharing with your friends, and participating with the Minion Madness community. For each type of action, you are limited to the amount of Minions you can earn per day so always remember to come back tomorrow and watch your army of Minions grow!

Minion Photo Madness iPhone App

Submit a Photo

Minions are popping up everywhere! Submit photos of Minion sightings with the Steal This Photo iPhone App.

Steal a Plot

Around the globe key landmarks and neighborhood locations have been identified as mission targets. Help Gru and the Minions with their missions by capturing the plot with you iPhone camera!

MinionMadness.com Activities


Blueprint for World Domination

How would you achieve world domination, Mastermind? Gru has a few crazy ideas but needs some more. Earn Minions by Sharing your plan with Blueprint For World Domination.

Coloring Sheets

Download coloring sheets to bring the minions madness to life in your own home! Color outside the lines all you want...and earn Minions by uploading your masterpieces to the website!

Comic Strip

Create an original comic strip with characters like Agnes, Edith, & Margo! Submit your creation to earn Minions!

Despicable Drawings

Explore your artistic superspy skills with Despicable Drawings! Go to the menu to create and submit your drawing to earn Minions. Gru will be looking at all the submissions!


Get creative and design an icon that is unique to your mastermind style to earn Minions!


Test your mastermind skills and create your own wallpaper with minions, characters and more! Submit your masterpiece to earn Minions!


Despicable You

Are you more of a Gru, a minion, maybe more like Agnes? Dress up like your favorite character and upload your photo to earn Minions!

Homemade Minions

It's Arts and Crafts time! Share your homemade minion creations with Gru! Upload photos of your original minion arts, crafts and more to earn Minions!

Mash Up

How exciting, Masterminds! You too can become a part of Despicable Me by uploading a photo of yourself into a scene right from the movie, and you'll earn more Minions, too!

Minion And Me

Every Mastermind needs an army of Minions in order to achieve world domination. Show appreciation for your Minions by uploading a photo of yourself with a minion and earn more points!


Fan Fiction

Do you have a villainous tale to tell? Write your very own despicable story and submit it to earn Minions!

Mastermind Resume

What kind of mastermind are you? Create a Mastermind Resume and share it to earn Minions!

Poem and Limerick

It's time to test your creativity by writing prose for all to see! Write an original poem and share it to earn Minions!


Are you cooking up a recipe for disaster, Mastermind? Submit a cooking recipe with all of the necessary ingredients for world domination!


Despicable Dance

Dress up in your finest Despicable Me outfit and shake your minion booty! Share your video and earn Minions!

Mash Up

Video combining live action or pre-existing video content.


How well do you know Gru, Agnes, and even the minions? Recreate your favorite scene from the movie and share it to earn Minions!

Replace Audio

You can be the voice behind Despicable Me! Earn more Minions for recording your voice over these clips and become a part of the Despicable Me world!


What do you think Masterminds listen to when they need to plot world domination? Gru likes smooth jazz! Share your musical talent and record an original Mastermind Melody to earn Minions!

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